J A R E D   B E T T S



JUL 5 2019 - AUG 31 2019

Introducing Sarah Burwash, Jared Betts & Jenny Yujia Shi

Sarah Burwash uses watercolor on paper to depict figures in dreamlike environments that celebrate and question a range of gendered interests and identities, with undertones of humour, fantasy and performance.

Jared Betts’s expressionist, gestural paintings provide an immersive sensory experience. Jared is from Moncton, New Brunswick and holds a BFA from NSCAD University. He has exhibited in over 100 group and solo exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, London, New York City, Germany, Costa Rica and Iceland, as well as Canada.

Jenny Shi presents themes on immigration, border crossing and displacement stemming from personal experience going through the Canadian immigration process. She works with cut-out, layers and transparency to convey the experience of shifting self-perception when navigating multiple cultural perspectives.




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